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Helps you concerns may be found and prevented by knowing what medicines you are taking. SC Pharmacy Association SC Emergency Medical Service Association South Carolina Society of Health System Pharmacists For copies of the UNIVERSAL MEDICATION FORM visit the South Carolina Hospital Association web site at www. UNIVERSAL MEDICATION FORM Fold this form and keep it in your wallet Name Phone Number Birth Date Emergency Contact/Phone numbers Date form started Address Medical Record IMMUNIZATION...
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Welcome back this module in its entirety is entitled pharmacokinetics in essence I've broken it down into three separate lectures so that you can concentrate on one at a time take your notes and then move forward the term pharmacokinetics as you recall we talked about last chapter pharmaco is the medical term referring to pharmacology and kinetics you may remember has to do with movement so we're talking about pharmacokinetics or talk about how medications move through the body this being the first in three parts of pharmacokinetics module we're going to focus on forms and roots of medications so your objectives for this particular portion of the module are to describe forms of medications and to list routes of administration as we're going through this you may want to refer back to the notes that you took from your reading on chapter two and add to them as needed so yes we start out with this picture everybody is unique everybody is different and we know that but then we top it off there's a number of factors that can occur throughout the lifespan both physiological and psychological that affect how an individual person responds to any specific drug at any point in time in their light so as we're looking and going through this whole idea of pharmacokinetics need to keep in mind that there numerous things that affect individuals and medication administration so we're going to start off on this topic of medication forms what I want you to do is think of forms of medications ways in which medications come and see if how many you can think of off the top of your head I'll give you a few minutes to think through that see if you can jot them down or remember them from your lecture and then we will continue okay so let's see how you did we'll start off first off with syrups syrups are basically a solution of water and sugar that then we'll take in and the chemicals to you may have had numerous cough syrups and things like that growing up or make still continue to take them palatable come in many different flavors great for people having difficulty swallowing particularly young children or the elderly who may have difficulty with a solid form of a medication alcoholic preparations are ones in which the medication is dissolved within alcohol elixirs and tinctures would be common type of this again cough syrups you may be familiar with teacher of iodine or change of I like used as the treat cut and as an antiseptic to prevent infection another form is powders and powders are basically dried crushed medications that can be reconstituted in a variety of ways tablets are another form basically they are hard compacted dried medications that are swallowed whole usually encourage people to take them along with food or water troches otherwise known as lozenges our way in which we give medications that allows the medication to dissolve in the oral cavity you may have taken something similar as a cough drop or cepacol lozenge otherwise known as atrocious for...
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